Radiant Lite

Radiant Lite 3.19.4

Welcome back a classic


  • Great classic gameplay
  • Balanced difficulty


  • Not for quick play sessions


Radiant Lite is a reinterpretation of a classic shooter.

Welcome back classic shooter gameplay with Radiant Lite. A reinterpretation of the 1980s classic Galaga, Radiant Lite brings all the elements of the game into a mobile gaming application.

Radiant Lite is a polished, visual treat with neon style visuals, a great accompanying soundtrack, and old school gameplay. The purpose of Radiant Lite is to fly a spaceship along a horizontal plane while shooting a various array of upgradeable weapons to destroy alien invaders.

It does feel just like old school games, though Radiant Lite is a little more forgiving when it comes to being struck by enemies and their lasers. Given three on-screen lives and continues, Radiant Lite offers a fun journey back to older games and how they worked.

Enemies all follow specific paths and align themselves in a grid based pattern while they dive bomb forward trying to destroy the player’s ship. The different weapons offered in Radiant Lite all serve different purposed from smart guns to guided rockets. All the weapons are level upgradeable, which is necessary for the later levels when enemies take a lot more work to destroy.

Radiant Lite is a great combination of old school and new school gaming. It feels new while pulling from old gameplay rather than a copy-paste.

Radiant Lite is one of the best free Android shooters available.

Radiant Lite


Radiant Lite 3.19.4

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